happy weekend

We've made it. TGIF. I've just finished a quick three miles at the gym and am mustering up the energy to shower and change for a little date with the cutest bearded man around. We're going to see Silver Linings Playbook because word on the street is it's a good movie

love that beard

Anyway, here's some cool stuff I found on the internet this week.
  • There's a Spirit of the Marathon II! How is it possible I didn't know about this? (Just hope you like reading subtitles.)
  • I found this graphic by way of Steve in a Speedo. John has been known to say You're a little crabby. You should probably go running. Truth.

I'll be back next week with final thoughts on Yoga Week and will share my tentative race plans for the year. Minnesota friends, settle in for the snow on Sunday! Be safe.


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