2013 race calendar

Okay, first off, I activated my month from Groupon to CorePower and went to a yoga sculpt class this morning, which people described as yoga with weights. Those people are LIARS.  It's more like calisthenics in a sauna with weights. I almost passed out and threw up. No lie. 

So I'll probably go again.

Let's talk about running! It's hard to set big goals this year because I don't know how my body will respond after roughly twelve months of crap training. It's taking more time than I thought to feel normal when running even easy workouts. I'm in no rush, though, and I've set up my races this year to give my body time ease back into distances. 2013 is all about the short and sweet. 

April 27- Get in Gear 10K
I've never run a 10k before. Neither has Kat. We will both be setting our PRs in this distance this spring. 

May 9- Medtronic TC 1 Mile
I ran the Boom last July and due to the weather, they shortened the course to 5 miles. To make up for it, they gave all participants a $25 race credit, which I used on this race so it was FREE. I haven't raced a mile since my jr. high track days where my PR sits at an unimpressive 6:02. I'd like to try and beat that.

June 1- small town 5k #1 (tentative)
I ran this last year and won a free entry so I thought I'd run again.There is a possibility I may be out of town, though.
June 29- small town 5k #2
I've run this race the last three out of four years. I'm hoping to see an improvement from whatever I ran earlier in the month. 

July 11- The Bear Run (tentative)
I've run The Bear in Linville, NC twice now. It's pretty much a five mile race up a mountain. Providing funds and time off are there, I'm there.

August 3- small town 5k #3
Another staple race for me. If all is going according to plan, this would be a great race to get a new 5k PR.

Fall/Winter: Half Marathon TBD
I will be looking for a little more distance in October/November but don't have my mind set on anything yet. Any cool ones you recommend?

That's it. I'm off to clean up for work. Pray for strength for me to be able to lift my arms overhead long enough to wash/blow dry my hair.


  1. unimpressive 6:02 ?!?! I would not put those two things together.

  2. Do the Monster Dash 10 mile or half marathon - it's a super fun race and it's an easy course!


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