I've been sick for the past week with the Cold to End All Colds (or the flu?). By Saturday, I was getting desperate for anything to kill some time. Happily, I found a link to a personality test on E Tells Tales and spent five minutes answering seventy-two questions.

The results: I have the INFJ personality type. It's one of the rarest types, with only one to three percent of the population exhibiting these traits. (I would like to make a joke about how this means I'm more awesome than most of you but mostly it means I'm more likely to be a martyr.)

Really, though, reading the description is a little like reading my diary. 

Spot. On. 

Take it and tell me what you think.



  1. I've taken this test many times. In the past, I considered myself somewhat of a Myers-Briggs Guru of sorts. The test you linked to is one of the better free options available.

    I am a INTP, the description is pretty spot on, though I am a soft I, so I don't identify with all of it. It's also one of the rarer types. Tony is an INFJ (like you) ... I guess I must like your kind!


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