an ethical question

If you found someone's iPod sitting in the gym locker room, would you turn it in to Lost & Found or keep it?

If you're the person that picked up my iPod, your answer is the latter. I left my iPod there a few weeks ago and have been asking LA Fitness every few days if it's been turned it in, hoping that someone has an attack of conscience. No such luck. 

I only use my iPod when I'm at the gym and it's more to discourage anyone from thinking it's okay to "socialize" with me but I still liked the distraction of music. I'm too cheap to buy another one (the last one was a gift).

Anyway, here's what I would be adding to the mix:

This song gets me excited to run. 

This one gets me through push-ups.

This dude gets his cardio kicks by dancing up a storm.

And a quiet one, for a cooldown or stretching.

What new songs are you into?


  1. Ugh, that's terrible. I would turn it in, but my luck would have it that I would be walking with it to the front desk to turn it in and someone would accuse me of stealing it. lol


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