Since I’m currently going through a rough patch with running (thanks to my knee), I’ve found something else to completely occupy my affection: my new apartment.

I recently moved into the Uptown area into a very old building with many, many quirks. Some people (side-eye, Mom) might say that it’s a bit rundown. I like to say that it has character. 

this is what my block looked like this morning
 It’s a studio apartment that doesn’t really feel like a studio because the kitchen and bathroom are completely separate from the main living space which is very long and narrow, almost like a bowling alley.
the main living space, as seen from the doorway to the kitchen

same space, post move-in

And I have two entryways, one into the kitchen and a more "formal" entryway into the main living space. 
kitchen entryway

I also have two huge walk-closets, one of which is large enough to fit a twin bed in it. So guess what I’m doing? I’m getting a twin bed for the sole purpose of creating a supremely awesome sleeping nook. 
this is an awkward shot of my "bedroom"
the closet extends to the left. just enough space for a twin.

Really, though, this is the first place I’ve lived in that’s felt like me. Every apartment prior has been what felt like a holding cell while I waited for a new job transfer, a new job offer, or a relationship to reach a new level. Boxes would sit unpacked in a corner because I never thought I’d be in any of them long enough to warrant fully unpacking.

But here, I plan to settle. For the first time since college, my life, my whole life, is here in Minnesota. And it’s a really good feeling.

Here’s to roots. 


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