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beer, a bad run, and bras

It's Fridnesday! Hooray for long holiday weekends!
I had an adventurous morning but really, the story starts with last night.
It was a semi-late night as Colleen and I went to Republic's new location in Calhoun Square. She peer pressured me into "just one more", bringing my total beer count to three. My stomach only had red curried chicken and veggies (no rice) in it so there was little to "soak up" those fermented grains. 
I very much enjoy living within walking distance to Uptown.

So anyway, this morning when my alarm went off at 5, I laid there for a few minutes but eventually got up and dressed and out the door. Into a heat wave. Tights and a jacket were extreme overkill. I think it was like 45 degrees. Thank you, Global Warming.
My run was fairly uneventful until the last mile, when the beer and red curry from hours earlier began to brawl in my stomach. Fearing I would mar my perfect record of not pooping my pants while running, I did the whole run-wa…

on breathing

Yesterday would have been Joel's 8th birthday.

I had been writing a post in my head for weeks but yesterday hit me hard. I tried to avoid even thinking about it, making myself busy celebrating Colleen's birthday with brunch and then threw myself into painting. Nothing distracts quite like cutting in. And paint fumes.

I left my apartment around 4 o'clock to bring my grandparents dinner. As I was making a right hand turn onto the highway, a car that I thought was going to turn- because, you know, they had their blinker on- came barreling through the intersection and found it necessary to blare their horn and glare at me. This small act was the excuse my tears needed because I started to cry. Scratch that, bawl.

Clearly it wasn't about the fine display of Minnesota Nice. To say it was about missing Joel is a massive understatement.

It's not like missing him is limited to November 18 but it brought forth all sorts of memories from his last birthday party, his th…

i've been doing it wrong

Clearly I need to practice. Who wants to go eat sushi?


Since I’m currently going through a rough patch with running (thanks to my knee), I’ve found something else to completely occupy my affection: my new apartment.
I recently moved into the Uptown area into a very old building with many, many quirks. Some people (side-eye, Mom) might say that it’s a bit rundown. I like to say that it has character. 
 It’s a studio apartment that doesn’t really feel like a studio because the kitchen and bathroom are completely separate from the main living space which is very long and narrow, almost like a bowling alley.

And I have two entryways, one into the kitchen and a more "formal" entryway into the main living space. 
I also have two huge walk-closets, one of which is large enough to fit a twin bed in it. So guess what I’m doing? I’m getting a twin bed for the sole purpose of creating a supremely awesome sleeping nook. 
Really, though, this is the first place I’ve lived in that’s felt like me. Every apartment prior has been what felt lik…


I washed my hair with Palmolive dish soap this morning.
I forgot my shampoo and conditioner at my grandparents when I stayed over there on Tuesday night and I neglected to wash my hair yesterday, meaning washing it today was an absolute necessity. Anyway, it worked out surprisingly well.
That's one of downsides of moving- disorganization. Tomorrow I'm moving in the last of my furniture and other useful items that you don't miss until you don't have them (like kitchen towels).
Tonight I'm going to a party where the dress code is elastic waistbands and the guest list is women only. Excited is too little a word.

this sums it up

I'm still here, just busy moving into a new apartment, doing my best to juggle work and family and running, all while maintaining some semblance of a social life.
Speak soon.