running, rotted teeth, and candy

Yesterday: No run because Tuesday was a long and emotionally taxing day that made me want to throw my phone across the room when my alarm went off at 5:25. And I had an early dentist appointment.
Today: 7.55 miles, 59:17, 7:51 avp. Made up for sucking at life yesterday by busting out what felt like a solid, evenly paced run this morning. [splits 804, 757, 749, 755, 802, 749, 705 (fast last mile), 821 (.55 cool down)]
Back to yesterday: I went to the dentist for the first time in years. Years. (Gross, I know.) Why? No particular reason, other than it seems like going to the dentist is something very easy to procrastinate on. I'll do it next month turned into, well, me just going now.

So I went, imagining a worst-case scenario of them pulling all my teeth. I was terrified, which the dentist no doubt picked up on when he shook my clammy  hand. He was very nice, though, and I relaxed a little after they didn't gasp when they saw my teeth. 

Verdict: After 27 years with no cavities, my lack of consistent flossing caught up with me: three tiny ones, all on my upper left side. Pretty good, all things considered.
Back at the office, feeling rather exhausted from the lack of sleep- and both defeated (three cavities?!)  and exhilarated (I still have all my teeth!) by my dental visit- I did what any normal person would: Binged on candy. Yep, after 2.5 weeks of sticking to a diet of (mostly) unprocessed food, I ate approximately ten mini pb cups, three mini bags of Skittles and five two-piece packs of Starbursts. If anything, I'm under-estimating.
only three survivors
My body was pretty confused by the sudden rush of sodium aluminum phosphate, potassium sorbate, and butylated hydroxyanisole and wasted little time before making it clear that this type of behavior wouldn't be tolerated.
I gladly hopped back on the unprocessed food wagon today: A two-ingredient pancake for breakfast, and a sweet potato with almond butter and some slices of turkey for lunch. And water. So, so much water.
looks disgusting, tastes amazing
I'm avoiding the break room and its candy deathtrap at all costs.


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