meet my new roommates! (a life update)

Monday- No running. Yoga at LA Fitness. It's been so long since I've been to yoga that I forgot it's not a good idea to wear shorts. I was worried about flashing people the entire time. Not zen at all.

Today- 5.52 miles, 43:41, 7:55 avp. [splits 820, 750, 805, 738, 752, 739 (.52)] Even pacing obviously wasn't my goal here.

l to r: grams, vanna the dog, and gramps

It's funny how plans can change within a matter of weeks.

I gave a broad overview of what I was doing with my time in this post. What I left out (but alluded to at the end of it) was that I was planning on going to India for four months. Between that and the fact that I was kicking it with G & G on a pretty regular basis, I wasn't in the market to find another FT job and was making life work as a Professional Volunteer.

Then some stuff started to happen with Grams that indicated to all of us that things were getting worse fast. Gramps still isn't hot on in-home care and them moving into a facility is still off the table. While I was making it up there a couple times a week, it wasn't really enough to make a dent in what needed to be done.
At this same point in time, my dad's company began to look for a marketing manager.

You can see where this is going, I'm sure.
So long to my former plans and what I thought I'd be doing with my life right now. What I am doing is living with my grandparents (like full-on in their house) and working for my dad's company.

I'm only going to be living with my grandparents until early November, the goal being to help them transition to in-home care a few times a week and to purge the crap out of their house. I know their routines and habits better than most, and more importantly, I know what things to push (and how to push them) and what to let go.

Honestly, though, I love being there. They are the greatest people and I'm constantly entertained by them. Last night before dinner, Grandma wanted to pray but couldn't remember the standard Come, Lord Jesus prayer.

Jim, she said, start me out.  He paused for a second and then said Hello, Lord.

This might be one of those you-had-to-be-there moments but it was pretty hilarious. My Grandpa tells me I can't stay there forever because how will you ever meet anybody if you live here? I tell him that any man worth my time would love to hang out with them, too.

Salt of the earth, seriously.


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