get in the trailer

Recent runs:
Thursday: 4.38 miles, 34:58, 7:59 avp (my right quad protested a little)
Today: 4.4 miles, 37:19, 8:29 avp (an easy, no pain run. Ready for serious miles this weekend.)

It's Friday.

Do yourself a favor and go subscribe to The Trailer, the funniest, most irreverent blog about the sport of running I've ever read.

I'd suggest starting with this post:

and following that with the rebuttle post:
Shoe-mageddon: “Guess what, Dylan: Running store patrons hate you, too”

They also cover real news, like Matt Gabrielson's retirement and how awesome Andrew Carlson is. 

In short, they say the stuff everyone is thinking but no one will say out loud. It's refreshing. And hilarious. So get in the trailer.* You'll be glad you did.

PS- Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@the_trailer) if you can handle profanity and aren't easily offended.

*Make sure all of your vaccinations are up-to-date and bring hand sanitizer. You never know what happens in there.


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