a fall weekend

Recent runs:
Saturday: 5 miles with four 1/2 mile intervals at 6:45 pace, 1/4 mile RBI. Painful but thankfully I had Robert as bike support. He always knows when to talk to me and when to stay quiet. Best ever.

Sunday: A very awful run. Set out for 10 miles but made it only 7 before I called it. Cold, windy and terrible. 8:30 average pace. (And thanks, Robert, for suffering with me. And for rubbing my biceps mid-run.)

Weekly mileage total: 29


Friday was football back in my hometown where my little brother Petey is a senior. Go Giants!

While home, my mom tried to convince me to take this cat they found in a storm sewer. He's probably five weeks old and very adorable. I told her I'd consider it once I move into my apartment at the end of the month. I understand that accepting it would likely be accepting a lifetime pass into Cat Lady Land.

please love me

I was house/pet-sitting this weekend which involved monitoring some chickens, two cats and a dog. One of the perks was collecting eggs every day.

one egg? try harder, ladies.

I also couldn't get enough of the fall canopy.

this picture doesn't do it justice
Sunday was #MaeDay.

look at all her hair!
It was also my brother Matt's 15th birthday so I zipped up to my dad's for dinner and family QT. For some extra cardio, I jumped on the trampoline with my little brother Sammy (he's 9) and he told me I had "the moves" when I did a flip. I felt like that was a pretty big compliment coming from him. Or anyone, really, because I definitely do not have "the moves."

He also showed me three machine guns that he made himself out of paper.

do you feel lucky?

So that's my weekend.*

*Mostly. Some things I don't put on the internet.


  1. Definitely take the kitten! Cat Lady Land isn't so bad ;) And for what it's worth, I wouldn't have guessed you were suffering on that run Sunday. Looked awesome to me when I passed you!

    1. LOL thanks. Robert joked that I sped up when I saw you. I still have a few weeks to decide if I want the cat. It's the litterbox part that is sort of the sticking point.

  2. Take the kitten! Cats are great. Also, I'm curious about how many sibling you have... really - I like big families!

    1. Do you have cats? I think I would like the company but wouldn't like the litterbox and/or commitment. I need a pros/cons list, I think.

      And please sit down before you read my next statement: I have 13 siblings (2 full-blooded, 4 half, 4 step, and 3 adopted). God bless blended families.

    2. I actually have 3 cats (maybe I should of asked you to sit down for that). I don't mind the litterbox task (it's become routine for me) and it really is the only hard thing with cats, they are otherwise very low maintenance pets.

      Sounds like fun. I bet you are never bored. I only have one sister, and we get a long great.... but I sort of wish there was more of us some of the time.


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