state fair adventures

First, this: I haven't run since last Sunday's 18 miler. My knee is still protesting and despite eight days of rest, it still refuses to cooperate when it comes to bending, climbing stairs, or putting all of my weight on it. An MRI might be on the horizon because this is ridiculous.

Second, despite my bum knee, I wanted to go to the State Fair because 1) I love it and 2) I love food. I went early (read: pre-crowd and pre-heat)  this morning with little sister Amy and friend John.

seriously uncrowded. loved.

We started in the Miracle of Birth barn where a cow was in the final stages of labor. When we saw hooves coming out, Amy finally understood that babies aren't delievered by storks and we left to go find food (because who doesn't get hungry after watching a live birth?).

So in honor of the cow's hard work, we ate a dairy-heavy breakfast:

caramel apple sundae, i love you
Clearly the sweet needed to be balanced with the salty. Enter the World's Greatest Food!

All of that salt made me thirsty so this happened:

To those of you who think that 11 a.m. on a Monday is too early for a beer, then you'll be happy to know that this is probably just a frothy glass of apple cider. Probably. 

I really thought this next thing would be life-changing but sadly it left much to be desired. 

chocolate-dipped bacon

Luckily, our disappointment was short-lived, as we were within striking distance of one of the Fair's staples:

oh, sweet martha, how you slay me!
Other fun foods included:

giant pickle on a stick
my personal fave, the corndog
Activities included walking (duh) and the following:

messin' with sasquatch...

messin' with john... (pretty much the same as sasquatch)

returning to see the now fully-born calf. much better than the view 2 hrs prior...

I LOVE YOU, MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! Can't wait to see you next year!


  1. Hannah. Your blog pictures are making me SO HUNGRY.


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