one more time, in english

This past weekend First Love hosted Ravi and the Keys to Kingdom Living Conference. We had record attendance each night and the stories that are coming out of our time together have been amazing.

Ravi has a really thick accent so you really have to pay attention when he speaks in order to understand him. He also mixes up or forgets the English word for things which can be highly entertaining. (At one point he confused "unique" and "eunuch.") Anyway, he said more than once how difficult English is to learn, which is ironic because having spent two weeks in India and hearing four different languages on a daily basis (and not being able to tell them apart), I think Telugu or Kannada would be much more difficult.

I stumbled across this video a while ago and found it to be fascinating because I've always wondered what English sounds like when you don't understand it. The storyline in the video is a little weird but interesting nonetheless.


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