August 27, 2012

state fair adventures

First, this: I haven't run since last Sunday's 18 miler. My knee is still protesting and despite eight days of rest, it still refuses to cooperate when it comes to bending, climbing stairs, or putting all of my weight on it. An MRI might be on the horizon because this is ridiculous.

Second, despite my bum knee, I wanted to go to the State Fair because 1) I love it and 2) I love food. I went early (read: pre-crowd and pre-heat)  this morning with little sister Amy and friend John.

seriously uncrowded. loved.

We started in the Miracle of Birth barn where a cow was in the final stages of labor. When we saw hooves coming out, Amy finally understood that babies aren't delievered by storks and we left to go find food (because who doesn't get hungry after watching a live birth?).

So in honor of the cow's hard work, we ate a dairy-heavy breakfast:

caramel apple sundae, i love you
Clearly the sweet needed to be balanced with the salty. Enter the World's Greatest Food!

All of that salt made me thirsty so this happened:

To those of you who think that 11 a.m. on a Monday is too early for a beer, then you'll be happy to know that this is probably just a frothy glass of apple cider. Probably. 

I really thought this next thing would be life-changing but sadly it left much to be desired. 

chocolate-dipped bacon

Luckily, our disappointment was short-lived, as we were within striking distance of one of the Fair's staples:

oh, sweet martha, how you slay me!
Other fun foods included:

giant pickle on a stick
my personal fave, the corndog
Activities included walking (duh) and the following:

messin' with sasquatch...

messin' with john... (pretty much the same as sasquatch)

returning to see the now fully-born calf. much better than the view 2 hrs prior...

I LOVE YOU, MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! Can't wait to see you next year!

August 20, 2012

good question


 If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? 
- T.S. Eliot

week in review

Last week was full of fun adventures and lots of running in only a few days. Here's a brief look.

Monday: Shark Week celebration!

seriously, how fun is this? Justine rocked it.

don't play this with red wine. Not like I would know or anything.

Tuesday: Breakfast meeting, afternoon run (8 miles) and then babysitting!

due to her genes, this baby is already faster than you

Wednesday: An early meeting back down in Le Sueur, followed by heading back up to St. Paul for a luncheon where my dad and his company was honored with a "Leading with Faith" award by Catholic Spirit magazine.
i feel like i look possessed
Two of my little brothers were there to keep me entertained.

throwing signs because we're cool
sammy's a stud

Shortly after the luncheon, I had to go back down to Le Sueur for an evening meeting. Due to improper planning, no running today. 

Thursday: Early run (7 miles w/ 10 x 1 min @ 5k pace, 1 min RBI), meeting, and shopping. Then a late night run (4 miles)  to make up for the fact that I skipped my run on Wednesday. 

Friday: Worked in the morning, ran (8 miles) over lunch. Came up to Plymouth to stay with my 16 year old sister while my dad and fam are gone. Dinner, drinks and darts with a friend.
lola, my parents' dog and totally spoiled

Saturday: Slept in(!), brunch, some QT and chores over at Grandma and Grandpa's, and then early movie night with my little sister. No running.

Sunday: Epic solo long run- 18 miles! My right knee has been killing me but it sort of numbs out after a few miles. I kept the pace slow and felt great during it.  After is sort of a different story. I've been taking ibuprofen and icing at various times throughout the day. 
pre-run sunrise

Lunch with my favorite girls....

...followed by more time with Grandma and Grandpa, dinner with one friend, then drinks with another. (Now that I live an hour away, my social calendar fills quickly when I'm back in the big city.)

Weekly mileage: 45 miles (a new post-PE record!)

August 16, 2012

August 13, 2012

one more time, in english

This past weekend First Love hosted Ravi and the Keys to Kingdom Living Conference. We had record attendance each night and the stories that are coming out of our time together have been amazing.

Ravi has a really thick accent so you really have to pay attention when he speaks in order to understand him. He also mixes up or forgets the English word for things which can be highly entertaining. (At one point he confused "unique" and "eunuch.") Anyway, he said more than once how difficult English is to learn, which is ironic because having spent two weeks in India and hearing four different languages on a daily basis (and not being able to tell them apart), I think Telugu or Kannada would be much more difficult.

I stumbled across this video a while ago and found it to be fascinating because I've always wondered what English sounds like when you don't understand it. The storyline in the video is a little weird but interesting nonetheless.

August 8, 2012

god gives a crap (literally)

This is a story about a dog named Blue and his poo. (And lots of rhyming.)

this is blue

Blue belongs to my friend John. On Monday night, John told me that Blue hadn't pooed for four days and had stopped eating and drinking. After a very expensive vet visit earlier that day, they didn't know what was wrong with him and recommended a surgery which John couldn't afford. If Blue didn't poo by the next morning, he would have to put him down. 

I told John I would pray for Blue and his poo- and then promptly forgot to after getting off the phone that night. I remembered the next morning, though, and quickly prayed this very crass, to-the-point prayer: God, you know what's wrong with Blue and you can fix him. I pray that whatever is blocking him just comes spraying out of him.(I was picturing explosive diarrhea when I was praying.) Thanks God! Love you.

A few hours later I got this text from John: Hannah! Blue might be doing better, he pooped all over the stairs. It is sprayed everywhere. If he keeps pooping he won't have to go back to the vet! 

To which I responded: LOL! I literally prayed for it to spray out of him!! Sorry I didn't specify outside! PTL!

And later:
John: Blue is way better! He is jumping around and back to his normal self. 

Me: See how much God loves you?! 

John: He loves me lots.

Then he sent me this picture of Blue testing out chairs on his patio. 

So two lessons in this whole scenario:
1. If it's important to you, it's important to God. 
2. Be very specific when you pray.

PS- I reposted my India recaps after taking them down for some editing. Read parts I, II, III and the pictures post. Then come down to Le Sueur to hang with me and Ravi for the Keys to Kingdom Living Conference that starts tomorrow!

August 7, 2012


I'm pretty sure my life is on fire and instead of stop-drop-rolling, I just keep running (literally and figuratively). 

This past weekend was Giant Days, our small town celebration, and First Love (my parent's ministry) was in the parade on Sunday. That means there was a lot of this:


followed by this:
instruction giving

and this:
float decorating
 and this:

parade route walking/candy throwing

and finally this:
post-parade celebrating and hydrating

Oh, and that 5k that I talked about being my goal race? Yeah, that was on Saturday. And I didn't run it, mostly because I'm a baby and didn't think I was in shape enough to win it. (I feel like I can identify with this quote from The Office: "Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them. Or he quits them because they're unfair.")

For real, though, I did not follow my plan and do any dedicated 5k training. However, I've been running a lot and have been seeing my average pace for my runs improve. Case in point: Last week was the first week all of my runs had 7:xx for the average pace. It's been a while since I've seen that. 

Now that all the Giant Days excitement is over, we're on to our next event happening THIS WEEK (Th, Fri, Sat) which is the Keys to Kingdom Living conference with Ravi (the guy I went to India with). If you're around, you should definitely come!  While we don't know how many people to expect, we anticipate this being one of our largest conferences. The past few days have been filled with a ton of last-minute activity. (Right now I'm hunkered down in a Panera, waiting to pick up some conference attendees who are flying in from Alaska.)

And finally, I had my last appointment with my blood clot doc this morning. All of my blood tests for genetic disorders came back negative and I've been given the all clear! PTL! He said that my episode from last week was likely scar tissue in my lung rubbing against my pleura and to not worry if I experience some pain from time to time. Whatevs. Works for me.

Now I'm looking forward to knocking off #6 and #7 on my list.