a mobile post

This is my first attempt at posting fron my phone so bear with me. I'm house/animal sitting for the next week and haven't hooked up my laptop yet.

This is what I'll be dealing with for the next few days: keeping an eye on the pool, feeding chickens, and watering flowers. It's going to be rough.

In other weekend news, the ministry I work for is hosting a conference tonight, I have a wedding tomorrow in Iowa and The Bachelorette finale is Sunday. Can it get any more exciting?

In disturbing running news, I wore bun huggers today because literally all my shorts were dirty. My apologies to all drivers and pedestrians in West Bloomington. I know their appearance is a few weeks premature.

Mostly I just wanted to assure everyone that I haven't disappeared into a black hole of unemployment, nor am I buried under Snickers wrappers on my couch watching daytime television. I thought some of you might be worried.


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