week in review

I think a lot of people assumed that I would be less busy after leaving my job. I was one of them. Well, we were all wrong. Without a doubt, the flexibility is greater but my day is still jammed with activity. 

One of the main reasons I did not take a full-time job was so that I could help my grandparents. My Grandpa is fully independent and my Grandma is the exact opposite. Because of her dementia, it's not really safe to leave her alone in the house for any period of time. I'll write a longer post about all of this some other day. 

Anyway, I've been spending a lot of my time over there. And we do a lot of this:
sitting on the driveway has become an art

In other news, I have never been so sore in my entire life, due to my workouts with JP. I was marathon sore two days after our leg workout. I literally could not go down stairs. After Shoulder Day, I had to give myself a pep talk before reaching my hand around my back to take off my bra. Or wash my hair. I know that with pain comes growth and I'm excited to see where I'm at in a couple weeks.

On the running side, I only hit 25 miles for the week, which is lower than where I wanted to be. JP dropped the "over-training" word on me when I wanted to run after the gym and I knew he was right. The humidity made it easier to talk myself out of it. I took this picture after a slow 5 miles on Friday.

The shirt I wore on the run was a nod to Grandma's Marathon. Yesterday Colleen and I left at 3 a.m. to drive up to watch friend compete in the USA Half Marathon Championship. We camped out at the finish line and saw Abdi Abdirahman zoom by. He was going so fast and we were so close that my camera made his head/body look really weird.

Then came Duluth native- and my fav- Kara Goucher, setting a new course record. Love her.

After the race, a few of our friends decided to take a post-run ice bath in Lake Superior. I stayed on dry land to lifeguard. It was a great day.

And today was all about Dad. And my little brothers' (Matt, 14 and Sam, 9) baseball games. It was wonderful.

Sammy was pitching

We'll talk more this week. 


  1. LOVE the photos. :) I thought, "hannah isn't working - she has SOOOOO much time!" but apparently.... I was wrong. Happy to see you (but wish it were longer) - let's talk soon?


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