this guy tries to make me cry

Meet JP.
i had to steal this off his Facebook page because he wouldn't
let me take a picture of him tonight

I met JP through my sister, who met him in the gym. Obviously. 

Having recently lost my Lifetime membership (which was a benefit of working for TCM), I took this as an opportunity to join LA Fitness, where JP works out. He once told me that if I workout with him for 6 weeks, I'll be in the best shape of my life. Since I publicly declared that I wanted to get in awesome shape this year, I figured my newly flexible schedule left me without any excuses.

He told me that if I whined, he'd quit working out with me. I told him if he swears, it's a quarter in the Swear Jar.

Yesterday was our first workout together. It was Back Day. I didn't whine (but "exchanged information" as I gave him updates on my pain level). He, however, owes me $0.75.

Our text exchange this morning:
Me:  Think I pulled a muscle on my right side. Feels like a constant Charlie Horse. Not whining, just an information exchange. 

JP: Maybe go down to McDonald's and get a whah burger and some french cries. Chances are you didn't pull a muscle, it will hurt more tomorrow.

So comforting.

Tonight was Leg Day, and after having run 13.5 miles between two runs today, my legs were shaking before I even started the workout. I made it through the tough spots by thinking about the type of runner I want to be. Whining was minimal.

Swear Jar balance: $2.25 


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