the p word

I found this video earlier this week, made by Oiselle, a company that evidently makes the world's best women's running apparel. I've never heard of them before but after watching some of their vlogs, they may make the world's funniest (and truest) running videos. See for yourself.

If you don't have nearly eight minutes to waste, here's a high-level recap:

the 5 faces of marathon pain 

I left my mind in the porta-potty and forgot my race pace Pain
Solution: Get back on pace.

But I don't want to be in any more pain Pain
Solution: Love your pain. Weirdo.

My toe hurts. My heel hurts. My knee hurts. My left earlobe hurts... Pain 
Solution: There's no crying in marathoning.

The Fear of Quitting Pain
Solution: Use this pain, you won't quit.

Equipment Failure Pain

Some of my favorite one-liners:
You have so much adrenaline going through your blood you could be used as a human EpiPen. 

You're a runner. You get off on this stuff. It's too late to decide that you want to collect stamps or knit sweaters or knit stamps.  

Look at Ops. She did a marathon in 1994 and she's still milking it.  

You won't quit. Unless your leg falls off.  But even then I bet you would throw it over your shoulder and you would peg-leg hop it in that last 400 meters.  

If you want to check out some more of their videos, head over to the Oiselle blog.

Smile, it's almost Friday!


  1. LOVED those quotes. Cool video and cool company!


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