double doubles

I've run twice a day the last two days, not on purpose, really, but it's making me feel like a serious runner again. 

I was a terribly behaved runner last week though, just running three short runs. Instead of logging quality miles this weekend, I used it to drink beer and wine, eat tacos and pizza and my mom's amazing rhubarb cake with extra whipped cream. So after seven weeks of maintaining a relatively consistent running schedule and being cognizant of what I'm eating, I haven't dropped one of the pounds I packed on during my break with running. 

With today's processed, packaged food, it's so incredibly easy to consume a thousand calories within minutes. Do you know how long it takes to burn that? A lot longer than minutes. So my solution? Less sugar, fewer carbs, less eating out and, as much as it pains me to say it, less wine. As I wrote to Ann earlier today, wine turns me into a hunger terrorist. I will binge eat turkey after two glasses of wine. No lie.

But back to running. Yesterday morning started with a run/walk with my mom, who powers through a very hilly three miles in the Minnesota river valley almost daily: 3.2 miles in 39:07. Then, when I got home, a sweaty 5 miles around a crowded Calhoun. Despite the dodging, I made it back to my apartment in 39:28.

This morning I pulled myself out of bed to run before work. I ran to meet someone who stood me up (coughShawncough), and the gusty wind dominated any drive I had to push myself. So I took a random way home and found myself trotting through a desolate Uptown at 6:30, enjoying every step. 6.8 miles in 54:50.

After a dreadful day spent glued to my desk,  I knew I needed to run again. I shot Shawn a text, giving him the opportunity to make up for his morning misstep. Thankfully, he was willing to wait until I got home from work to complete his nightly run. I felt much more awake and cranked out the fastest miles I've run in 8 months: 5.37 miles in 41:10. 

And tomorrow? A rest day. 

I think. 


  1. hiiii! julia from pain, pride and perseverance! first. you are SPEEDY. wow. some impressive runs. also. when i move maybe we can all get back on track with eating together. wellll i should probably start before 2 months from now but i could totally relate to what you are saying. i have just been grabbing nearly anything lately and i want to start eating a bit more clean again.

    i cant get enough of the picture you posted below. such a great message...actually multiple great messages. ones i want to remember for a long time! thanks for sharing! and good luck with your new adventure:)

    see you tomorrow!?!

    1. Aw, thanks lady! And yes, SEE you tomorrow!

  2. Yay. Julia's comment makes me SO HAPPY. Love that you are such a good running example for new folks like me. :) Thanks for being awesome!!!

    1. You do realize that 80% of my friends I've met through you. Heart you, friend.


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