and suddenly i was a runner again

This week marked my fifth week of regular running. I won't call it training yet because I'm not following planned workouts or trying to hit certain paces. I'm just getting out there.

Something clicked this week, though. I've been running before work to fit everything in, meaning really early mornings- and I am not a morning person. Or at least I wasn't. This week I found myself waking up before my alarm and being excited to run. I didn't want to hit snooze, I didn't want to fall back asleep, I wanted to be out on the road to see the sunrise. 

My body is starting to respond, too. My balance is improving, my core is getting stronger and I'm feeling the familiar fatigue that comes when you ask your body to extend beyond its normal limits. I love it.

Here's a peek at last week: 

Mon: the accidental progression run, 4.5 miles, 7:59 pace
Tue: 7.4 miles, 8:17 pace (with Shawn)
Thu: 4.8 miles, 7:54 pace
Fri: 5.15 miles, 8:03 pace
Sat: 8.6 miles, 8:05 pace (then another 3.2 miles with my mom at a 12:14 pace)

This is a busy week at work, meaning earlier mornings and later nights, requiring some diligent planning on my part to maintain any semblance of a running schedule. We have two events to execute, starting with the Medtronic TC 1 Mile on Thursday. (We filled last Friday so you can't run any more but you sure can volunteer.) Then on Saturday, we'll work to instill a love of running in about 1,000 kids with the TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run. Grab your kids, younger siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews or neighbors and join us!


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