week in review and pre-race relaxing

Completely uncharacteristic of me, I have not been home one night this week and tonight I am comfortably at Ann's as we prepare to run the Get in Gear Half Marathon tomorrow morning! (For full details, check out Ann's post from this morning.) After a great dinner, Ann is forcing me to watch Bridesmaids, which I still haven't seen. Yes, I am writing this between fits of laughter and 'oh my gosh'es.

But here's a peek back at my week, complete with phone photos.

monday night
Twins game with Ann, Colleen and AnnMarie. I think we stayed in our seats for like four innings and then walked around looking for Sour Patch Kids. Newsflash: Target Field doesn't believe in selling candy based on my cravings.

tuesday night
Dinner at The Bachelor Farmer with Robert (amazing food), then sign making with Colleen for the race. Actually, I was more like creative support/wine consumer while Colleen did all of the actual art work. Many of the signs border on inappropriate. I'll take pictures of them tomorrow during the race.

Colleen was attempting to unclog the gel pen w/ the corkscrew. 

wednesday night
New Runner Night at Marathon Sports. The topic was Your First Race which essentially just allowed Ann and I to talk about running for an hour  After the class Ann, Annie and I went for a run around Harriet and Ann absolutely rocked it!

thursday night
Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here are some photos to clue you in.

of course i'd lead off with a religious pic

loved the colors in this

Mark in museum pose

awesome exterior

Relaxing. Race planning. Hydrating.

PS- If you think all this night-time socializing prevented me from getting out of bed for a run in the morning, you're totally wrong. I was three for five this week, allowing me to greet the sunrise. Here's evidence.


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