so many exciting things

Let's start with tonight and then backtrack:

I had a meeting at work tonight that got out earlier than I thought, which meant that I had a decision to make: Gorge myself on leftover cheese bread and wine at home OR go for a run (both stress relievers, obviously).  I weighed those two options on the way home and thought seriously about how I'd feel after each. Verdict: The run won and I ran my quickest miles in a long time, all sub-8.

Earlier today, though, Chilly Billy's Two Punch Tuesday sounded a siren call and I found myself face down in this:

more candy than fro-yo

But backing up to last night, this:

this is Ingrid Michaelson, my best friend

Ingrid Michaelson! She played at the Guthrie, on a stage set for I don't know what play, but it incredible. By the end of the show, I had decided that we were best friends.

The concert was preceded by dinner at Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, which is just a short walk from my apartment. It was a blonde girls night with Colleen, Krisi (my brother's girlfriend), Kristi and her sister Julie.  Both Krisi and Kristi have birthdays tomorrow and Thursday, respectively, which happily coincided with Ingrid coming to town.

Prior to dinner I had been at work, and absolutely nothing about that is worth noting.

Jumping back to Sunday night, Colleen made me a pet owner by giving me a red beta fish that I promptly named Lindsay Lohan. She lives in a vase and doesn't photograph well.

what a diva
I may have pre-written her obituary. I can't even keep plants alive.


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