rookie running mistakes

After my busy week left no time for running, I decided today would be the day I would kick off more serious training since being cleared to run. The weather was rainy and cold and I reminded myself that April showers bring May flowers as I threw on a pair of shorts, grabbed a hat, windbreaker and my Garmin and hit the road for three miles.

Running through the cold rain, the kind of weather that makes your bare legs turn pink and shocks your skin, made me feel tough. I cruised through my first quarter mile at a 7:10 pace before catching myself and slowing down. Rookie mistake #1: Going out too fast.

I severely underestimated how hard it was raining. A mile in, my coat and shorts were absolutely soaked, causing me to move my car key fab to an inside pocket in a vain attempt to keep it semi-dry. Rookie mistake #2: Not dressing for the weather (and thinking that windbreaker and raincoat are one in the same).

By mile two I was just praying that I'd make it to mile three. That's when I started a hill climb. And started walking.  Yes, after hammering 7:55 and 8:09 miles, my final mile was 8:39. Rookie mistake #3: Not pacing properly.

As I sit here now, with tight calves and tired legs, I'm reminded what I love about running: No matter how experienced or inexperienced a runner you are, each run teaches you something. I'm so looking forward to my next lesson.

laying on the floor seemed like an acceptable cool down
And that vase that's in the upper right corner? Filled with these:

love them


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