off and running

I've gone running the last 4 out of 5 days. Every fiber of my being is so grateful that I am able to do this again.

On Wednesday night I went for a run with Ann.  It was one of those glorious spring nights; cool, but sunny enough to make you want to stand with your face turned up to the sky just to capture its warmth. The trees are budding and the grass seems so vibrantly green after our white winter melted to reveal a brown earth. All of this, though, will soon give way to a muggy summer. For everything there is a season...

After our run- where three miles on Ford Parkway flew by as we chatted about training, running shoes, running injuries, upcoming races and jobs- we sunk onto Ann's basement floor for a little foam rolling and stretching. Biscuit the dog helped.

We're best buddies, though he refused me puppy kisses.
Ann gets credit for this photo, which I stole off her blog.
Aside from Ann being one of the most genuinely nice, awesomest (it's a word) people I know, she also expands my vocabulary to include phrases like rage stroke and hunger terrorist. That night she taught me how Lund's has sushi for $4.99 on Wednesday nights. Wine, cheese and soup made the meal. After all was said and done, it looked as though a food massacre had occurred on Ann's ottoman, which was littered with empty sushi boxes, soup containers and a tipped-over wine bottle. It was awesome.

What's not awesome is how easily I'm bruising, a side effect of keeping my blood oh-so-thin. After a night of vigorous foam rolling and stick usage, I have several bruises appear on my legs, including the one that's visible in the picture above on the front of my shin.

Last night, though, no running for me. I got out of running attire and went Full Time Fancy for a show at the Guthrie. And it was lovely.

ETA: Sorry if you're seeing this same post multiple times.  I was trying to multitask from my phone while waiting for my INR today and it wasn't exactly successful. Happy Friday!


  1. Awwww - YAY!!! Loveeeeeed Wednesday night. "Full Time Fancy"? LOL.

  2. I used to live on Ford Parkway! LOVE that area of ST. Paul!!


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