my first race & other weekend activities

Saturday was the first time I've pinned on a race number since Ragnar Relay last August.

I ran the the Trail Mix race at Hyland and I found three other poor souls to do the 50K relay with me. Relay is misleading because it's not a relay at all, rather a team event where everyone runs the 7.75 mile loop together and then all our times are added up.

Because I haven't been running much lately, I wanted to run this just for fun and stayed with my brother the whole time. We both crossed the finish line at 1:13:29, roughly a 9:27 pace. Since we had speedy dudes on our team, we ended up finishing 22nd overall (out of 95 teams) and 5th in our division of uneven mixed. Not too shabby. 

Team "Three Men and a Lady"
It was actually a great day for the race weather-wise but by the time I got home, my sweat had cooled me down significantly and I was freezing! I spent a good twenty minutes just trying to warm up in the shower before jetting off to see my two little brothers in a play at their school. 

After watching a wonderful performance- and getting a lesson in morals (it's Catholic school, after all)- I went to one of my favorite places in Northeast MSP, Pyscho Suzi's for Krisi's birthday. I had a drink called 'one-eyed willy' which is like a coconut version of a Long Island. Warmed me right up. 

extra points if you noticed my finger in his nose
The festivities continued as I ventured to Colleen's to "our" housewarming party. (I'm there so much they made me an honorary roommate.) There were burgers. There were drinks. There was magic... like literally magic because I became animated enough to bust out some card tricks and then sing this song when they would ask how I did it. 

I returned home from my magical evening to discover the Lindsay Lohan had passed away. It's true: I couldn't keep a fish alive for a week. Sad day. She was buried at sea.

Despite Saturday night's activities, I was still able to make it up and out the door for a short shakeout run at 7:30 the next morning. Church, lunch, a movie with my little sister, and a sushi dinner rounded out my Sunday.

Right now my biggest struggle is trying to find a balance between running and the rest of my life. I think I'm currently skewing a bit towards the "life" part. This week: Breathing. Refocusing. Moving forward.


  1. Awesome job on the relay!

    I love Psycho Suzis. Did you get the bandaid at the end? That is my favorite part. :)

  2. Oh no Lindsay Lohan!

    Sounds like you had a lot of good family time over the weekend too!

  3. Ugh. Trying to get warm after a run is miserable. I feel like I get into the shower, try to steam myself like a lobster and then somehow, an hour later I'm shivering.


    RIP LiLo.


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