now don't be mad...

I ran tonight. Well, ran might be a strong word but I covered five miles. On foot. Without dying.

My burning desire to run today started early this morning while cheering on runners at the Get Lucky Half Marathon with Ann. It was a glorious, humid morning (temps eventually rose to a record 79 degrees!) and I loved every second of being out there. But I wanted to be OUT THERE, not on the sidelines.

gotta have more cowbell, baby
After the race, I had to do my INR and guess what? I'm a 2.0 today! That means that today was likely my last day of having to give myself an injection in my poor, bruised stomach.  

My blood draw was followed by brunch outside with my lovely friend Andrea, then some errand running. It was so nice outside that I parked my car as far as possible from the entrance to stores just so I could walk. But it wasn't enough. I wanted to be running.

I tried to talk myself out of it: I haven't been approved to run, I have no one to run with, I am still recovering... After two hours of laying on my couch watching reruns of Lipstick Jungle on Hulu, my heart over-powered my head. Shoes, get on me.

The first three miles were great but fatigue set in around the south side of Calhoun. I was hyper-aware of every pain in my legs/ribs/neck and did not push it at all. I walked when I needed to walk and kept the pace nice and easy. It felt so good to be out there and came home feeling refreshed and alive.

Highlight: Five miles outside! (And not dying from it!)

Low point: Giving myself an injection in the Target bathroom.


  1. I forgot to comment but I wanted to tell you that it's SO awesome you got out and ran, as long as you felt good (and stayed within health restrictions). ALSO, you shoes are now slightly less cool since learning they are NOT, indeed, gold. LOL.

  2. Awesome job!!! So glad that you are getting back into it the healthy way!

  3. Hannah,

    I didn't realize you were going through all of this until I saw some posts on Facebook. My prayers are with you and I wish a you speedy recovery!



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