another post that still isn't about running

Yikes, I'm slightly overdue on a health update. Here it is in bullets because I'm sick of writing about how my body has confused itself with an old man or  an inactive, unhealthy smoker. (I say that because both of those people groups should be more prone to PE's than me, not because I'm a sexist ageist or discriminate against those that make poor lifestyle choices. Well, maybe a little on the latter...)

So here we go:
  • Sunday: INR reached 2.9 so the Fragmin injections stopped. I'm now only on oral meds. For the record, I need to stay between 2 and 3.
  • Monday: They gave me a break from needles! I went for a run to celebrate and it was amazing! Why can't we always have 60 degree weather in March?  
  • Tuesday: INR reached 3.4. Better to be high than low, I guess. Dialed down the meds.
That brings us to today: This afternoon I met with my new primary care doctor to make sure I was doing okay. She asked me about how I've been feeling and then listened to my lungs, which she said sounded like "newspaper being crumpled" but explained that it was just a residual effect from the PE's. She also specifically instructed me not to run, at least until I meet with the specialist next week. I failed to mention that I did twice already. Oops...

And for your entertainment, I posted this picture on Facebook last week. You can't really tell from the photo, but my bruises from the IV seriously looked like a runner. I used my crazy skills in Paint to help you out.
This is clearly my body's way of telling me it wants to go running.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Chicago for the weekend to a conference that Ravi (the missionary from India) will be speaking at. And while God and I have already discussed my blood clot situation in detail, I plan to rally others to petition with me for complete restoration- and then some! I want like bionic lungs after this! Can I get an Amen?


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