new and old normal

I've been a little mum about my workouts as of late, mostly because they were incredibly sporadic and I was eager to use any excuse I could to postpone my return to running. Skip a workout for Happy Hour? Sure, I'm going to India for two weeks anyway.... Early morning workout? But I'll have to scrape ice off my car... As you can tell, I was really searching for anything to stay in my state of flabby inactivity.

But no more! I'm back from India and realized my plan of not having a plan won't work for me. Though I'm the furthest thing from Type A, I'm totally Type A when it comes to training. So now I'm back to developing weekly training schedules and logging my workouts and Monday, February 20 was my first one.

When I put my Garmin on on Monday, I noticed that my last Garmin run was October 20, a run of 8 miles at a 7:51 average pace, an 'easy' run for me. Four months to the day of near inactivity (partially voluntary).

So far I've successfully completed five days of planned workouts, including a five mile run with my brother earlier this week. As much as it pains me to say it, this is the New Normal for me:

 Yes, a 9:42 average pace is now my "conversational" pace.

And the Old Normal is this:

Me and my sister Amy. She can pull off brunette.

I was a brunette for a total of 26 days but the blonde is back.


  1. 9:42 is still a great pace. You'll pick it back up in no time!


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