january new restaurants

Yep, this one is late, too. I'll be back on track this month. Promise. Anyway... In keeping with #3 on my 2012 goals list, here's a list of all the new places I went to in January. And again, since I'm not a food blogger, there are zero pictures and not a heck of a lot of descriptive wording, just enough to prove that I was there!

Kings Wine Bar- drinks
Cute little place with a decent wine list. Just had wine but their food menu looks good. I'll probably go back for food eventually.

Common Roots- brunch
I got veggie enchiladas, no eggs. They came covered in jalapenos which I loved, but it got a little spicy toward the end.

Reg Stag- brunch
Didn't want to risk eating eggs and didn't feel like pancakes so I settled on a Reuben with fries, a Bloody Mary and a few glasses of diet coke. I was fighting a hangover that got progressively worse after this meal.

Prohibition- drinks
Read all about it here.

Monte Carlo- dinner
Marine Salad with shrimp, scallops, lobster and a hard boiled egg! Really fresh, really good.(Random side note: This was the first time I had eaten an egg without getting sick in months. Since this meal, I've gradually re-introduced eggs into my diet without incident. Winning!)

Brasa- dinner
I looked at their menu online ahead of time and was a little worried it was going to be a glorified Famous Dave's. It pretty much is, but the food is amazing. I highly, highly recommend the Apple & Cabbage Slaw as a side.

The Loon Cafe- dinner
Went there after going to Crashed Ice in St. Paul. All I wanted was warm comfort food so I ended up with my go-to sammy, the Reuben.

Travail- the most amazing dinner


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