india, part I

I originally published these posts in February. Shortly after that, we got an email saying our group was under intense watch by some people who were not so nice and Ravi's life was being threatened. (While it's not technically "illegal" to be a Christian in India, they often come under intense persecution.)  I took these posts down and made them slightly more vague. Now that some time has passed, I'm going to re-post them. Apologies if you're seeing them again in  Reader.

Jet lag sucks. My internal clock (not to be confused with my biological clock) is alllllll confused. After getting home on Saturday, I did my best to stay up as late as possible which only turned out to be 8:30. I was wide awake by 1:30 and by 5:30, I gave up all hope of getting more sleep so off to the gym I went. I felt okay for the rest of the day but by then end of the Upper Room service last night, I could barely keep my eyes open. Bed by 9, up by 4 this morning, which is good, I guess, since I'll post this and head into work early.

I'll start all of this by saying that I went into this experience excited to see what God would do. We went to help with a Christian conference in Bangalore and do some village ministry with Ravi and his family, who live there and run a ministry. Ravi is from India and his wife Julie is American. They have two children together and have six other kids living with them, ranging in age from 16 to 23.

I should also say that I went into it knowing that God can do anything. We serve the same God that parted the sea and walked on water and raised Lazarus from the dead and He moves in the same way today, a fact that is easy to forget in our climate-controlled, hour-long services here in the States.

I was ready to see God move.
 Ravi, Julie and a few kids


  1. Hannah - I am SO looking forward to reading your recaps of India!!!


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