the greatest love song

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm kind of a hopeless romantic. I also have a weakness for candy conversation hearts, flowers, and chocolate so it makes sense that Valentine's Day is my second most favorite holiday. For the past four years, though, it's marked the day before Joel died.

So on a day that celebrates love,  I wanted to share one of my favorite love songs or rather the story behind it. It gives words to something I've found impossible to express. This story is my story- and if you want to get really philosophical about it, it's everyone's story. Take five and watch this.

How He Loves : A Song Story from john mark mcmillan on Vimeo.

Here's a link to the full song.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Hannah! <3 Thinking of and praying for you tomorrow. Love you! Heather B


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