an extra day makes all the difference

Merry Leap Day! An extra 24 hours in our year brings such possibility, doesn't it? 

As you may know, I have an obsession with Ingrid Michaelson. I was lucky enough to be given her new album for my birthday and I. Love. It. It's been playing in my car since I got it but today was the first day I really listened to the words of this song. And I really needed to hear them.

This song is about telling yourself that things will get better if you only wait it out, that things will change if you try harder, and about the day you wake up and find yourself in the same place as when you first starting making those promises.

So on this Leap Day, a toast: Here's to setting things in motion.

PS- If you don't listen to the song, at least read the lyrics.


  1. Ingrid is amazing. Her new CD is so great...but I will always be partial to her earlier ones! :)


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