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an extra day makes all the difference

Merry Leap Day! An extra 24 hours in our year brings such possibility, doesn't it?  As you may know, I have an obsession with Ingrid Michaelson. I was lucky enough to be given her new album for my birthday and I. Love. It. It's been playing in my car since I got it but today was the first day I really listened to the words of this song. And I really needed to hear them. This song is about telling yourself that things will get better if you only wait it out, that things will change if you try harder, and about the day you wake up and find yourself in the same place as when you first starting making those promises. So on this Leap Day, a toast: Here's to setting things in motion. PS- If you don't listen to the song, at least read the lyrics .

india, in pictures

Lots of photos, minimal text, though there's a story behind each one. the team prepping for a thousand attendees john paul jackson conference a crowd of street boys came in during conference tear down little street boy who had the most interesting eyes   I naively didn't know this disease still existed. a team member praying for a patient at the hospital village outreach loved their hair women working in the village, beating pods off of beans three generations of women (and my mom) some kids were just getting home from school as we were leaving this is breakfast, which looks exactly like lunch abandoned gold mines, which destroyed the local economy Praveen looking model-esque sunset at the gold mines Praveen and Arya henna time Ahnbu is super skilled no touching anything for a few hours

india, part III

Near the end of our time in India, we had the opportunity to travel to some pretty remote villages to meet the people there and tell them about this guy named Jesus. You'd be surprised how many people had never heard His name before. I know I was. one of the many gods Out of everything that we did in India, this terrified me to the core. Here we were, a group of Americans, heading into very traditional Hindu villages to tell them that they didn't need to worship the 3 million gods they are burning incense for in effort to seek peace and comfort, that there was only One and He was seeking them. It's sort of a foreign concept to them that there would be a God  created them, who wanted them, who loved them just because. So we went into these villages, armed with stickers and candy, to meet and pray with people. Our large group of twenty was broken down in to small group of 4-5 and we took one translator with us. (Out of all the people I met in the villages, not on

getting uncomfortable

Greetings, friends, and Happy Monday to you! Since my return from India I'm frequently asked "How was your trip?" This question is so hugely weighted for me that I struggled to answer. How does one summarize such a life-changing experience? Having had two-plus weeks to process, there is one word that keeps coming to me. My trip was confirming . Let me unpack that a little. As human beings, one of our core desires is to be comfortable. No one likes to walk around in a constant state of unknown or anxiety, which makes us seek the familiar and why the phrase "comfort zone" is even in our vocabulary.   A little cheesy but accurate. ( source ) One of the things that kept me from signing up for the India trip when I first heard about it was that I knew it would push me incredibly far out of my comfort zone. I also knew that by going, I was going to grow and I went with that expectation. And grow I did! Things that would have taken me a year to figu

january new restaurants

Yep, this one is late, too. I'll be back on track this month. Promise. Anyway... In keeping with #3 on my 2012 goals  list, here's a list of all the new places I went to in January. And again, since I'm not a food blogger, there are zero pictures and not a heck of a lot of descriptive wording, just enough to prove that I was there! Kings Wine Bar- drinks Cute little place with a decent wine list. Just had wine but their food menu looks good. I'll probably go back for food eventually. Common Roots- brunch I got veggie enchiladas, no eggs. They came covered in jalapenos which I loved, but it got a little spicy toward the end. Reg Stag- brunch Didn't want to risk eating eggs and didn't feel like pancakes so I settled on a Reuben with fries, a Bloody Mary and a few glasses of diet coke. I was fighting a hangover that got progressively worse after this meal. Prohibition- drinks Read all about it here . Monte Carlo- dinner Marine Salad with shrimp, scal

new and old normal

I've been a little mum about my workouts as of late, mostly because they were incredibly sporadic and I was eager to use any excuse I could to postpone my return to running. Skip a workout for Happy Hour? Sure, I'm going to India for two weeks anyway.... Early morning workout? But I'll have to scrape ice off my car... As you can tell, I was really searching for anything to stay in my state of flabby inactivity. But no more! I'm back from India and realized my plan of not having a plan won't work for me. Though I'm the furthest thing from Type A, I'm totally Type A when it comes to training. So now I'm back to developing weekly training schedules and logging my workouts and Monday, February 20 was my first one. When I put my Garmin on on Monday, I noticed that my last Garmin run was October 20, a run of 8 miles at a 7:51 average pace, an 'easy' run for me. Four months to the day of near inactivity (partially voluntary). So far I've

how to get into travail kitchen

Hi friends! This post is ridiculously late (I first mentioned my trip here in January  ) but I will blame it on INDIA . I reserve the right to use this excuse for my tardiness on most things until further notice. So Travail. It was named one of America's best new restaurants by bon appetit magazine. And it's in Robbinsdale . For real. My good friend Robert and I went one Friday night in January to celebrate my birthday and his new job at Target. Read any review on Yelp and you'll find out quickly that Travail is really hard to get into . They don't take reservations because it's a bunch of anti-establishment European-type dudes with scraggly beards and ponytails and tattoos that run the place. In other words, totally my vibe. The dude in blue is one of the owners, I think. I was trying to discreetly take a picture of him because I thought he was pretty cute. I'm a sucker for hippie-types. When you go (which you need to) head straight to the ba

india, part II

After nearly 24 hours of travel (and learning a few lessons, like how sitting next to a talkative stranger on an international flight is like an awkward first date you can't escape from), we arrived in Bangalore around 12:30 a.m. (India time) and waited to be picked up (and learned that an "Indian 5 minutes" is equivalent to an American hour). After a very bumpy bus ride, which I remember very little of, we arrived at Campus Crusade for Christ, the first place we'd be staying. While the building had space for hundreds, our team of twenty were its only occupants. The building was four levels and had an open top level. It was chilly when we rolled in at 4 a.m. and we only had thin blankets to cover up with. I slept in my jacket and sweats but we had to be up at 8 a.m. for breakfast so it's not like it mattered much anyway.  Our room  This toilet gives a whole new meaning to "pop a squat." And this is the shower. And by shower

four years

Disclaimer: This post is going to fall into the "written more for me than you" category because I need the reminder of where I was, where I am, and where I'm going.  my all-time favorite picture, taken just a few months before we went back into the hospital for the last time  It's been four years today since Joel went to be with Jesus. I can remember the pain I felt the day Joel died. It's indescribable. On a day when I felt like my world was collapsing on me, I reached for God and He was quiet. I waited in the weeks after for a sense of peace, of relief, of hope, of love... and I felt nothing. So I did something that quite possibly goes against every Christian doctrine: I asked God to leave me alone. Don't pursue me, don't talk to me, don't touch me . And while I know full-well He never left, He did what I asked.  In the video I posted yesterday , John talks about God's willingness desire to love us through mess, throu