Despite my best efforts to gloss over my entrance into my late 20's, my birthday actually turned into a weekend extravaganza. It began with an amazing dinner on Friday night (which warrants another post) and concluded Sunday with some quality family time.

Saturday night, though, was the big party with some of my favorite people. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

In attendance: siblings Andrew, Juli and Amy; friends John, Kristi, Colleen,
Julie and Matt. Andrew's girlfriend Krisi is taking the picture. 
There's Krisi! And our waiter, Nick. 

While it may look like things got wild, it was all pretty PG. This is Andrew
trying to make Amy (who's 15, btw) chug water.
Mine is not water...
This is the beginning of my I don't want to be 27 yet tantrum
No, not my late 20's! 
Oh, wait, there's cake?! 
Happy again, with my beautiful sis Amy
My equally beautiful sister Juli
This picture isn't so much about me as it is the couple behind me that would
 not stop making out.  We needed a way to discreetly document it. 
There were a few pictures in which I appear mid-blink, wrecking many a decent shot, so I devised a way to make sure my eyes stayed open.

Works every time. 
This technique got a lot of laughs and eventually progressed into this, which also showcases my ability to touch my tongue to my nose.

You can delete me from your blogroll now. 

And because I have the world's best friends, here's some of the loot I scored as I begin my approach to my thirties as a single woman. 

From my thoughtful friend Robert: 

I'm pretty sure these are for when I completely let myself go. 

From my funniest friend Colleen, the Boyfriend Pillow:

I'll never sleep alone again!

And a more serious gift, one of my favorite quotes in print form:

(from here)


At my age, having two consecutive late nights is a recipe for exhaustion and bitchiness the following day. After being unable to pull myself out of bed when my alarm went off, I was forced to get ready in less than ten minutes before Juli picked me up, McDonald's breakfast and a Diet Coke waiting for me in the car (a cure for so many ills), and we drove down to my mom's house to go to church with them. After church we went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place where this happened:

I'm looking a little rough in this picture and it's
not even all the sombrero's fault.  

I should have known better. Anyway, after a lunch of far too much beef (trying to stock up now before India), the three amigas (mom, sister, me) went to the mall where they shopped and I refused to even try anything on, as I do not want to build a wardrobe at my current non-running size. Aforementioned bitchiness ensued. Sorry, mom and bebe. They were lovely to me nonetheless and Juli and I drove home on icy roads. I wrapped up my birthday evening with laundry and preliminary packing. 

Thank you to my friends and family (and the Caribou Coffee guy who said I looked 21) for making my birthday so special. Love you all! 


  1. Whoa whoa whoa. 27 is still your MID 20s! Late 20s aren't until 28, I should know, I just turned. :). HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!


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