the most wonderful place

While you were all suffering through a brown Christmas in the Twin Cities, I was enjoying ample snow and sun in Lutsen. It is by far my favorite place in all of Minnesota and perhaps the entire world. Here's a little glimpse at what we do in my family.

Photos taken December 24 and December 26.

We walk down the middle of snowy roads.

We bundle up babies and drag them around in sleds.
They are unimpressed and fall asleep.

We take pictures of taking pictures.

We marvel at the beauty of creation.

We can't figure out camera timers.

Oh, so close!
Third time's a charm.
And if you're wondering why I'm just posting these, it's because I just loaded them onto my computer last night. I have a disease that makes it really difficult to do things in a timely fashion. There is only one known cure.


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