the great gimlet search

I don't think my 2012 goals were ambitious enough. Therefore, I'd like to add a new one to my list: Find the best gimlet in the Twin Cities.

For those of you who don't know, a gimlet is a cocktail comprised of vodka or gin and lime juice (and occasionally simple syrup). Those two ingredients are usually shaken over ice and strained into a martini glass. It's a grown-up drink, the kind that your friends will call you an old man for ordering while they sip their Captain Diets through cocktail straws, and your grandpa will tell you makes men think you're easy when you order it . Yes, my grandpa actually said that to me.

However, finding someplace that can make one worth a damn is tough because achieving a balance between two strong ingredients can be tough. One of my horror stories sadly includes Urban Eatery where, after telling the waiter what was in it, brought a shot of vodka and an off-brand lime juice mixer to my table and had me pour it myself. I was left sitting with a warm shot of limey vodka. Luckily my friend Robert pulled a MacGeyver and chilled/strained my drink using our two water glasses. Sweet!

Anyway, last Thursday night the aforementioned Robert and I headed to Prohibition in the Foshay. It's supposed to be one of the best place for cocktails in the city so I figured they'd at least know what a gimlet was.
The drink.  

Verdict: Decent. I'm pretty sure they just used Rose's Lime Juice as a mixer (i.e not homemade) but they did a good job of achieving a good balance between the vodka and lime juice. It came in a martini glass, which is my preferred method of transportation to my mouth and subsequently, liver. And it was COLD, which helps make a good gimlet great.

Other highlights of Prohibition:

The view. 
The decor.
The lighting.

Final thoughts: I would go back to Prohibition but more for the atmosphere than the drinks.


  1. Sounds nice. Add that to the list - places Ann and Hannah will go. :)


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