a december thirty one deadline

This is the obligatory 2012 goals/resolutions/to-do list that everyone is doing. I developed mine after my egg throwing episode on New Year’s Eve but had started mentally writing after my yes & no post a few weeks ago. My mental list is much longer and full of intangibles (worry less) but here are twelve of the tangibles.


1.       Do something ridiculously nice for someone.
I love random acts of kindness. Love them. Not to brag but I think I’m generally a thoughtful person and try to do nice things for people. I want to take it a step further and do something RIDICULOUSLY nice for someone once a month. It has to be something they wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do for themselves. Strangers, friends and family are all fair game.

2.       Make cards and mail them to people who make my life awesome.  
I used to make funny, creative cards all the time. I’m not really sure why or when I stopped but it’s something that I want to start doing. Reason or no reason, I’m making the goal to make a card and mail it to someone at least once a month. Because who doesn’t like getting actual mail? And it’ll help keep the post office in business. Win win.

3.       Try new restaurants.
I’m a creature of habit. I eat at Rojo more times than I care to admit and they may or may not know my drink order at the bar at Chino (you should see my menagerie of plastic animals). Time to branch out. I have some places in mind already and now I just need people to join me!

4.       Read books.
I read quite a bit, just not actual books. Instead, my nightstand is littered with back issues of Runner's World and other fitness rags. I need a good story. Recommendations?

one time deals

5.       Paint something to hang in my apartment.
Disclaimer: I am not an artist. I love art and have a lot of it in my apartment. And not run-of-the-mill Ikea art that everyone has (sorry if you have some) but I've invested in some key pieces, either found when I travel or at charity art events. My collection has grown over the years and I’m really happy with where it is. I just think it would be fun to paint something to add to the wall. It probably won’t be anything fancy, maybe a tasteful nude or something. (That was a joke. Unless you have the body of a Greek god. Then call me.)

6.       Get a tattoo.
I’ve been mulling this over for nearly four years now and I’ve decided I want one. I am still undecided about where, though I’ve narrowed it to three locations. I can assure you that the list does not include my lower back.

7.       Skydive.
I just need to. 

8.       Go one week without buying anything.
This one actually scares me more than the skydiving! Think about how much crap you purchase in a week, some of which you likely need but mostly things I’m guessing you could live without it. I know I could. So I’m going to try.


9.       Expand my vocabulary.
Alternate title: Quit swearing so much! It’s true, I curse a lot, a habit I probably picked up from my awful coworker (kidding, love her). I actually said damn it! when they told me they were out of peanut butter at Life CafĂ© and couldn’t make me a peanut butter/banana smoothie. Note: this harsh language speaks to my feelings about peanut butter/banana smoothies. Regardless, it might be time to button this habit up a little.

10.   Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.
This one goes along with #8. I have accumulated a lot of “stuff.”  Not junk, even, just stuff. Stuff I don’t use, stuff I don’t need. It needs to leave my apartment this year and go somewhere it will be appreciated.

11.   Travel.
Big plans for this. Stand by for details on what’s currently cooking.
12.   Get faster, stronger and healthier.
In a nutshell, I want to race shorter distances (half marathons and under), be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups (because I started this and never finished) and eat less meat. Expect a more detailed post at a later date, at least about my running plans. This used to be a running blog, after all.


  1. Love those goals!!! :) Here's to an awesome 2012, yes? You should also add "travel to a foreign country" to your goals!!!! AAAHHH!!! YAYYY!!!

  2. @Ann It's in the works! ;) Details soon!


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