best big brother

Hooray, siblings!

Today is my brother Andrew's birthday.

Some things you should know:

1. We're almost exactly two years apart. He's older (but acts younger). We weren't super close when we were growing up but have become really close over the past few years. I definitely consider him one of my best friends.  

2. We're neighbors. When I moved back to MN from NC, I pretty much lived on an air mattress in his living room for two months over the summer. He wouldn't get home from work until 11 p.m. and would eat and go out with his buddies. Then he'd come home around 2 a.m., kick the air mattress that I was sleeping on, make a hot pocket and play his guitar before going to pass out in bed. When I landed my full-time gig, I decided to rent in the same complex as him so now he just lives across my parking lot.
Andrew starting the run
portion of a tri.

He's come a long way since his hot-pocket-eating, late-night-partying days, though. After prying the Doritos bag out of his hands and getting him off the couch, he's turned into quite the triathlete. Yep, swimming, biking AND running. So today we support each other in our fitness endeavors (remember this?). And to top it off, now he's rubbing shoulders with running greats like Carrie Tollefson.

3. His nicknames for me include Ugly, Moose and Fat Heifer. Every time we go out in public together, I have to tell the random strangers around us that we are brother and sister and NOT boyfriend/girlfriend after I see their shocked looks when he says stuff like "Hey you fat heifer, what do you want to eat?" He's such a special person.

The birthday card I made him. I'd show you
the inside but it's super offensive,
 even for the internet.
4. We have our own language. Okay, typing that makes it sound stranger than it is. What I should say is that we use certain words or phrases as substitutes for others. For example "hate ye" can be used instead of hello, good-bye, and of course, I love you.

5. He looks out for me. Like an older brother should, Andrew checks up on me a lot. If he's coming or leaving our apartment complex and he sees my lights on, he'll honk until I look out my window just so he can give me the finger. I think it's his protective nature for me and my sister that influenced his career choice of law enforcement and I'm so proud to have him protecting our city.

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I hate ye!

The Original Three
PS- Making him a birthday card totally counts for #2 even though I didn't mail it.


  1. Adorable! The stores about your brother made me laugh. :) "He's such a special person." LOL.

  2. For some reason this makes me laugh really hard.. and cry too.. you are such a great writer, and he is a great big brother. i just KNEW it would happen.. someday! and here it is! :) My heart overflows..

  3. HATE YE!!!!!!! YOu're a fat cow, and a good riter....or writer....

    Go eat a cheescake...a whole one!!!!!

    Your big Brother

    Love YE!!!


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