an addendum

I just got this picture of another activity from dinner at my dad's this weekend: A Sammy Sandwich. 

Or at least what started as one, but turned into a huge Schroeder Pile Up.

It began with me laying on the floor after dinner because I had the I just ate too much feeling but didn't want to be too far away from the action in the kitchen. My little brother Sammy (fun fact: his birthday is the day after mine but 18 years separate us) came to snuggle with me. I told Juli to come make a Sammy Sandwich with me. In a matter of seconds, everyone* else somehow ended up on the floor, including Peter (black sweatshirt), Amy (way in back) and my dad, whose head is barely visible behind Sammy. My face is red because I was suffocating from the weight- and laughter. 

Love my family.

*Not quite everyone. My step-mom took the picture and my 14-year old brother Matt is too cool for such family affection. 


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