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merry christmas

Hope your day is as blessed as mine. ( source )

yes & no

I got called out this week about how my lifestyle doesn't jive with what I say I want and I suppose this statement has some truth to it. I often put others wants and desires before my own. I hate giving up after working really hard on something, which causes me to stay invested long after I should've thrown in the towel.  If I love (or even like) you, I hate disappointing you. The surest way to get me to do something is to tell me I'm incapable of doing it. So I say yes when I should say no, which causes me to say no to things that I should say yes to because who has the energy for all of it? Starting now, I'm going to say yes and no more. As applicable. In running news, my mind is screaming yes! but my body is holding strong with no . Thank God it's sweater season. I bought this print this week and love it. ( via )

mind vs. body

My head thinks I can still run a 7:30 pace without much effort. My lungs think that's the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard. My brain calls it's familiar cadence but my legs can't find their usual rhythm. Three miles on the treadmill tonight at roughly a 9:30 pace. (That actually pains me to write.) It's really humbling to have to start again. Here's to hoping it comes back quickly. And here's what's in my ear as I start to put in the work... Cults - Abducted from Jonathan Wang on Vimeo .