if you were here

Joel Jonathon Wagner
Nov. 18, 2004 - Feb. 15, 2008

If you were here, you'd be seven years old today, and we'd be having a party for you... but we know that anything we could offer doesn't compare to all of the heavenly things you have.

If you were here, we'd make you a birthday cake... but we imagine that Oma found some oven in heaven and made you her chocolate one, probably humming the whole time she was baking it.

If you were here, we'd sing Happy Birthday to you, with Daddy using his really deep voice on the last line of the song like he always does, and we'd all be laughing... but it wouldn't sound anything like the heavenly harmonies that you're hearing.

If you were here, we'd sit as you opened presents that you would inevitably break (you're a boy, after all) or outgrow... but the things that entertain you now are beyond our comprehension.

If you were here, you'd wrestle with your brothers and nephews, and you'd be tired and ready for bed before the moon reached it's place in the sky... but we know you're probably helping to the hang stars.

If you were here, Mom would tuck you into bed, rub your hands until you fell asleep, and kiss you goodnight... but now you are in charge of painting the next morning's sunrise for her, with your favorite colors, blue and orange.

But you are not here, and we are... but we all want to be with you. It's no party without you but we're doing our best to celebrate.

As always: We love you. We miss you. We can't wait to see you.


  1. Thanks for sharing this video. What a sweet and precious video! Joel was so special, and it is so apparent in the video. Many many hugs to you and your family at this time of year. :-)


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