To run or not to run, that is the question

The Richmond Marathon is 26 days away. I ran 16 miles total this week. One. Six. For the week.

It's no secret that I've been feeling pretty run down forever for the past few weeks, trying to keep injuries at bay and battling the general exhaustion that comes with marathon training. Hell every post since the end of August has started with the words tired, exhausted, or run-down. My two nagging injuries (right hip, left calf) started to feel really tight after my long run last week (I still haven't posted a training week recap for it- blogger fail) so I took some time off this week and ran easy in hopes of making everything better.

Ten of this week's 16 awful miles were run today and as I sit here, I can feel pain in my right hip flexor, despite all the stretching, icing, foam rolling. I don't know if I'm going to be able to shake this one.

With my dreams of a 3:10 officially gone and my body beginning to fall apart on me, I'm debating if I even want to muster another 3 weeks of sub-par training, pay mucho dinero to fly to Richmond (haven't gotten tickets yet), rent a car, get a hotel, etc. all to run a sub-par race. There are a few options I'm considering at this point:
1. Calling off a fall marathon entirely
2. Running the Charlotte Marathon (Nov 12, too) instead (cheaper to stay in CLT with friends)
3. Running something in December or January to give me a little time to heal

I'm not willing to admit complete defeat yet, but I'm feeling quite defeated tonight.


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