narcotics and not eating candy

Nine days after taking a knee to the boob, I feel like I haven't even started on the road to healing. After going to the doctor on Thursday and refusing a prescription pain med, my pain reached a new high on Sunday. Saturday night I went over to a girlfriend's house and spent much of the night laughing (albeit painful laughter). Whether it was all the laughing, sleeping on it wrong or just the nature of the injury, on Sunday I woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck. I immediately took ibuprofen and waited for it to kick in. After two hours, I felt no difference whatsoever. The pain was affecting my ability to breathe deeply- it was like feeling like you have to yawn but not being able to, sort of a constant shortness of breath.
This is what a good costume idea
looks like when you're on drugs
After consulting with two medical professionals (full disclosure: my mom, an RN and my uncle, a doctor) to see what I should do, I was advised that pain meds would probably be a smart option. I now have two different ones, neither of which do much for the pain but they definitely make me not care about it.

Since any sort of exercise is out of the question, I'm just trying to not get fat. It's not like my appetite has suffered from any of this. All of this Halloween candy is really making it easy.

Keep running for me.


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