Time for a Change

I'm going to completely deviate from normal running posts to bring you all in on a really important decision. I have a haircut/color scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow night. My current feeling of restlessness is about to get taken out on my hair. Here are the facts:

1. I'm a natural blonde and have never dyed my hair darker. I do get a highlight/lowlight combo like twice a year.
That's me in the background in all my baby blonde glory.

2. My hair is usually shoulder-length or below. It's been as short as having to my chin (jr. high) and as long as being able to cover my boobs (high school when I was a hippie).

Most recent picture of my current hair style. Blonde. Layered. Long bangs that I usually pull back.

3. I've had bangs a few times and sort of like them.
Bangs circa 2007

4. I'm a wash-and-go kind of girl so anything that's high maintenance is out. I can't even use a round brush without disaster.

This is at a wedding I went to this summer. I think I put my hair up when it was still wet. Style fail.

5. I have very fine hair that doesn't really hold any type of curl for an extended period of time. It's naturally stick straight, no flat iron needed.

6. I was recently in my hometown and ran into someone I hadn't seen in a while. He told me I hadn't changed at all since high school. It would have been better if he had said "Wow, you haven't aged a day but look so much more sophisticated and sexy than you did in high school." Time for a change.
Yep, that's me in high school, sans the wrinkles that have since taken up residence on my forehead.

Here are the really diverse options I'm considering:

Dark and short. Because "Go big or go home" has always been my slogan. And someone once told me I'd look good with short hair.

Not as extreme as the first photo.

Shorter blonde with bangs. Because who doesn't want to look like Heidi?
Heidi Klum Model/host Heidi Klum of Project Runway poses backstage at the "Project Runway" Season 4 Fall 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008 at The Tent at Bryant Park on February 8, 2008 in New York City.

Emma Stone Red. Because I'm pale and have green eyes.

Thoughts? Help me out.


  1. I think you look great on the top of Mount Mitchell. And truly, you will look great whatever you decide on.


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