Richmond Marathon Training: Week 7 Review

I know I'm super late with posting these. To backtrack a little, this is from the week of August 22-28.

This training week marked my highest mileage ever. I spent a lot of time this week thinking about how 40 mile weeks used to seem tough. Now I eat 40 mile weeks for lunch.

I feel like my body has responded really well to the increased mileage. I've been conciously running my recovery runs as recovery; slowing my pace down, sticking to flat trails, etc.

Planned: 68 miles
Actual: 68.41 miles


10 miles w/ 5 miles at half pace
Another run to restore my faith in my ability to maintain my goal marathon pace of 7:15. It was pretty humid so I ran from my apartment to my gym as a warm-up and did my tempo miles on the treadmill. My legs were pretty sore during the warm up and I actually rolled out a little on the foam roller once I got to the gym. For my tempo miles I used the whole set it and forget it- sort of. I felt so good during them that I actually increased my pace for the last miles. Tempo miles- 7:08, 7:01, 7:03, 6:56, 6:50

14 miles
14 miles, 1:54, 8:09 average pace.
Hyland with R.E.D. Ran 3 on my own as a warm up. Legs were still sore from Ragnar so I took it easier on the trails. Ran 2x around Normandale to round out the mileage.  

5 mile recovery
5.06  miles, 42:14; 8:21 average pace

11 miles
11 miles; 1:24; 7:38 average pace
Ran with a guy who's a lot faster than me so I attempted to save face by running this a little faster than I should have. The humidity put me out a little. Ended up miscalculating mileage and walk/jogged another 2/3 of a mile home.

7 mile recovery w/ 10 x 100 meter strides
7 miles, 53:51;  7:41 average pace
No strides. Ran a hilly route out from my parent's house. Most of it was on gravel and I just felt like I was working a lot harder than I normally would on a recovery run like this.

21 miles
21 miles; 2:43; 7:46 average pace.
This was my longest long run ever- by a mile. And not a freaking step more. It had it's low points but after I got over the feeling of cement in my legs, I actually felt really good.

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