Richmond Marathon Training: Week 10 Review

Recovery Week. After how awful I've been feeling the past few weeks, I went into this week with the plan to run my important workouts but allow myself to cut some miles/take days off if needed. I was hoping that it would refresh me a little for the coming weeks.

Planned: 58 miles
Actual: 42.5 miles


9 miles
9 miles; 1:12:06
Ran on the treadmill. Had to stop a couple miles in to rub out some shin pain. It starts in my inner left shin and then sort of radiates around my calf and up the back of my leg, ending up in my butt (that's definitely NOT wss).

9 miles w/ 6 x 800 meters @ 5K
7 miles w/ 6 x 800 meters
Meetings at work tonight so left the office in the afternoon to head to the gym. Traffic was really bad once I got there so I was super crunched for time. Calf hurt again but made it through all of the intervals with pretty consistent effort. Jogged 90% of time between intervals.

6 mile recovery
0 miles. No running today.

11 miles
11.5 miles, 1:28:37, 7:42 average pace
Woke up early to run before work and felt pretty good for it. It took a few miles for my legs to loosen up but after they did, I cruised through the rest of my miles.

8 miles w/ 10 x 100 meter strides
0 miles. We had packet stuffing today and I had to work from 7- 3:30. I was on my feet all morning and all I wanted to do was nap when I got home.

15 miles
15 miles; 2:05:54, 8:23 average pace
Cold. Windy. Misty. Stomach problems the last few miles. I have no idea why I've started to have problems with this. I never have in the past and haven't been eating any differently than I have in the past.

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