Richmond Marathon Training: Week 6 Review

Holy wow. Six weeks in already.

Planned: 55 miles
Actual: 43.5 miles


8 miles plus 10 x 100 meter strides
Stuck to the roads around the lakes to hit some hills.  Did strides on flat path by my house and felt like a freak sprinting back and forth while bikers and runners were going by. I need a shirt or something that says "Not crazy, just a runner." But maybe we're all crazy.

12 miles
12 miles, 1:30, 7:33 average pace.
Cooler night with almost no humidity. Nights like this are why I am a runner.

5 mile recovery
5 miles, 45:46; 8:33 average pace
Easy run around Isles.

Friday & Saturday- RAGNAR RELAY
10 miles and 5 miles recovery
18.24 miles total over three legs. Full recap to come.

15 miles
Off. Rest. Sleep. Food.

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