Richmond Marathon Training: Week 4 Review

Four weeks down already. I wish I could say that I was feeling better about how my training has been going. And the first week of August is gone. How the heck did that happen?

Planned: 62 miles
Actual: 58.75 miles

Did core and some upper body in my apartment, mostly because I was feeling lazy. It's hard to completely rest!

9 miles w/ 10 x 100 meter strides
9.15 miles, including warm up and cool down
Track workout. 6 x 800 meters at half marathon pace (6:50) with quarter mile jog in between intervals. I'm not going to lie, this was too easy a workout for me. I didn't get the memo that R.E.D had moved their workout to St. Paul so I ended up on the Edina track with just one other person. I gave him the choice between mile repeats and 800s. He chose the 8s. We should've been running them at tempo or interval pace but it was nice to get the rhythm down for what my half pace will need to be come fall.

14 miles
7.3 miles, trails at Hyland
Met R.E.D for their weekly trail run. The trail loop we run is really hilly and I ran the downhills pretty hard. I had planned to add on some extra miles after the run but my foot was pretty sore from last week. I called it a night.

5 mile recovery
5 miles, 42:50, 8:31 average pace

11 miles
AM- 8 miles, 59:44, 7:28 average pace
Quick run around Isles. Stopped twice for water but felt decent with the quicker pace.
PM- 3 miles, 24:52, 8:17 average pace
Shakeout run in preparation for a 5K that I ran on Saturday morning.

5 mile recovery
5K race, plus warm up and cool down for 8.29 miles
Yep, I ran another 5K. It was the Giant Day 5K back in my hometown of Le Sueur. I was the first female last year so I had to go back to defend my title. To give a brief recap, I ran a really terrible race. Terrible. But I still won. Full race recap to come.

18 miles
18 miles, 2:34; 8:34 average pace
This was more like a death march. We had a work event that I had to be up for at 4:10 AM so I didn't start my run until close to 2:30. I made the mistake of eating eggs at brunch, thinking that it's been a fluke that I've gotten sick the last four times I've eaten them. Make that five, now. I could barely keep water down on the run and only took one GU 12 miles in. It wasn't pretty but I finished it.

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  1. I am training for my first marathon and I was just curious how long your longest run will be in your training?

  2. I'll get up to 22 miles, though I wouldn't tell you to do that. For my first marathon, I only did 20 miles.


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