Truth be Told

Some things have happened over the last couple weeks that have me thinking a lot about honesty. In particular, a good friend of mine has found herself in a rather unsavory situation, all because she chose to ignore the warning signs and red flags she saw.

For a while I questioned how she could be so stupid. Then I got a slap in my judgemental face when I realized that I am guilty of doing the same thing. Quite simply, it's denial.  

Denial: An unconscious defense mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings. (source)

Essentially it's like you're lying to yourself but deep down, you know. You know.

Admitting it means that life will change, usually not in a pleasant way. And often the fear of that change overwhelms the desire to move out of a place of half-truth.

Here's to moving forward.


  1. Truth bomb. Hope things for you and your friend turn around. :)


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