Richmond Marathon Training: Week 2 Review

This past week in my training can be summed up with this photo:
Post long run Sunday morning

Planned- 55 miles
Actual- 56 miles

Took an Intro to Yoga class.

8 miles w/ 10x100 meter strides
Set out early in the morning and knew almost immediately it was going to be a bad run. It was really hot and I just wasn't feeling it. I quit after 5 miles and hit the treadmill at Life Time Fitness that night to finish up my three remaining miles and strides.

Here's the thing: Running fast on a treadmill (sprinting) is HARD. I think my balance needs work because I always feel like I'm going to fall off.  Any tips?

12 miles
12.17 miles; 1:37; 8:03 average pace
Got an early start and ran the lakes to ensure that I'd have enough water. Struggled on this run. Combo of heat, lack of sleep, not eating beforehand and mental stress. Ran the second half faster than the first, which is always good.

5 mile recovery
5.53 miles; 47:42; 8:37 average pace
Met up with fellow TCM staffer Jeff (a 2:30 marathoner!!) for an easy morning run. Even at this recovery pace, the run still felt hard. Probably because Jeff is so boring to be around (kidding).

9 miles
10.12 miles; 1:16:14; 7:32 average pace
Guess who got lost on her run? Yep, this girl. I ran the lakes and thought that the southwest side of Harriet would spit me out on a different road. I picked up the pace to get home in time to shower and get to work.

5 mile recovery
4.11 miles; 34:27; 8:24 average pace
Felt super crappy on this run. Decided to cut it short since I was up on mileage for the week, thanks to getting lost yesterday.

16 miles w/ 8 miles at goal marathon pace
16.03 miles; 2:02:47; 7:40 average pace
This run went surprising well. I was nervous about the miles at goal pace but I was able to come in comfortably under the 7:15 pace. After a 4 mile warm-up, my pace miles were 7:14, 7:07, 7:09, 7:08, 7:10, 7:10, 7:19, 7:30 (huge hill!). A 4 mile cool down followed.

Just a little snack for God.
image via
Thank goodness this week was over. It was uber hot and humid, like God was trying to bake us.

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  1. Please keep these blogs up - love seeing the mileage that I will eventually have to hit to be able to run with you again!

  2. @MikeyNealey You can run with me now! I would love the company!


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