Really, foot? Really?

How quickly the tides turn!

After my track workout with Minnesota R.E.D on Tuesday, I left thinking I would join some of them for the Rice Street Mile that was run tonight. Yesterday I had 13 miles on tap but decided to break it out to 7 in the morning and 6 later that night. However, after my AM run, I was having a lot of hip pain. Given the fact that I was planning on racing a mile, I figured I'd hit the bike at the gym instead.

As I was leaving the gym, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the ball of my foot, kind of like a charley horse. It got worse and worse on the walk to my car. I figured it was just a muscle spasm and thought that it would feel better by the time I got home.

It didn't.

After icing and ibuprofen, I went to sleep hoping that I'd feel better in the morning.

I didn't.

Not willing to admit defeat, I packed my running gear in hopes of still making it to the Rice Street Mile just in case I miraculously recovered. I spent all day at work rolling a frozen water bottle under my foot. The ice felt great but as soon as the numbness wore off, the pain would return.

After talking with my coworkers at lunch, I decided to see if Lyn Lake Chiropractic had any openings. In addition to being the official chiropractor of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, they are also the official chiropractor of Team USA Minnesota. In short, they get runners. Also awesome: they could see me at 3:30 today.

After some chatting about what happened, and a lot of foot touching (ew), and the mention of the dreaded SF words, I found myself under the x-ray machine for a few photos.

After a meticulous inspection of my bones, I was deemed to be SF free... for now. However, I was warned that stress fractures, especially in their early stages, are difficult to detect by x-ray. After that I had some STIM (electrical stimulation therapy), massage, ultrasound massage (?) and was taped up and told no running until I could do so without pain.

Considering that it hurts to push my gas pedal, I think I'm going to be off of it for a few days. (Thank God it's only week three of Richmond Marathon Training!)

I hate it when my body thinks it's the boss.


  1. It is great to hear how well your chiropractic service in Minneapolis is. I like your last line too. My body thinks it is the boss sometimes also.


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